Classes are limited to eight to ten students to best accommodate the space and to offer a strong focus for each participant. Prices are usually based on a six-class session, once per week on the days and times noted in the schedule.  Workshops, when offered, follow same basic precepts covered in class format, and will be a combination of audition theory and scene study. 
Auditors are permitted, but advance notice via email is requested as a courtesy.


The Advanced Lab - $240 six-week session, once per week
This class is for those actors who have worked at Pro Actors Lab with David Rotenberg or other associates in the past or have considerable acting experience on-camera.  A good place to practice and keep your on-camera skills fresh. We examine your choices in a given scene, and look at how your work can become more compelling.  This is not a class for beginner actors.  Participants are encouraged to discuss casting issues they wish to address and/or to suggest scenes/characters they want to explore.

Intermediate On-Camera -$240 six-week session, once per week
Designed for the accomplished stage actor who wants to improve his or her on-camera technique, or for established actors who have very little on-camera acting experience. More time will be spent breaking down cinematic choices vs. stage choices -- seeing "what works" or how to modulate your technique when you are in front of the camera.  A continuation of the process, but with a stronger focus on tactical play and relationships.

On-Camera Acting - $240 six-week session
For actors who are pursuing a professional career and want to build a good foundation and approach to acting on-camera. This class starts with the basic principles of being present and finding primary emotions while pursing your action/objective. This class will help to improve your listening and performing skills, while you establish how to play on-camera and discover compelling moments.

On-Camera Acting for Teens (14-17) - $240   three-week session
This is not a drama class.  This class is for young actors who are serious about developing their craft, and who are considering acting as a career choice.  We start with the basic principles of being present (in the moment) and discovering and respecting what primary emotions are.  One part of the process is to learn how to access emotion and create deeper choices without taking potentially dangerous risks.  What is an action?  Who are you talking to? What do you need from your scene partner?  Why are you in the room?  
    This class will help to improve your listening and performing skills, and offer an approach to scene work and auditions, as we move toward making your work more compelling.

Interpreting Sides for Film and TV - $210 three-week session
Don't Get Suckered by the Script!   This class was created in response to numerous requests from students who are "stuck" when confronted with the task of auditioning with thin, minimal or poorly-written sides or breakdowns. Students will be encouraged to bring in "real-life" examples to analyze whenever possible. A major portion of class time will be spent on-camera, understanding that a considerable amount of table work will be required, as we examine scripts and scenes ("good" and "bad"), looking at how to define icons, beats, and "moments before", looking at how to make stronger and more effective choices with whatever we are given.
     Audition technique will also be covered.  We will follow a mock-audition process: students will be sent sides to prepare one or two days before, to simulate the process and as a way of addressing problems that occur. Time permitting, we will also practice cold readings using the "short-hand" terminology developed by David Rotenberg.

For more information, see TRAINING OVERVIEW.