Self tape sessions or audition coaching services are available to be booked outside of class times; excluding most Tuesdays (before 8pm), Thursdays (after 3pm), and Saturdays, when Marvin teaches in Toronto.

starting at $60 (including HST) for a 45-minute self-tape session

This includes professional sound and lighting, editing, and eSubmission, usually sent in mp4 format via DropBox, which we use to share large video files.

Audition Coaching: if you want to work the audition before recording it, we can add a 30-minute coaching to the session. Please email me in advance to make the request.   An additional $25 (includes HST) will be added if more time or coaching is required.

Actor Coaching: Marvin's standard rate for coaching actors for auditions or on-set is $70 per hour ($62.00 + $8.00 HST), depending,
of course, on the project and the duration of the contract.